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Caramel Florentina

Mama Baretta won Double Gold and Best of Show at the 2012 Sonoma County Harvest Fair for the Caramel Florentina!


The Community Voice – Archives

The Community Voice – Archives.

Mama Baretta’s New Blog

This is my new blog site especially created to help you find delicious alternatives to eat.  Since my son Cory was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, I have been on a mission to help him feel normal and eat what everyone else eats.  It breaks my heart to eat out with him or go to a party.  So now I am bringing some of those foods back to him.  Like Sweet and Sour Pork, Pizza, Gnocchi, Burritos, ect….. I could go on forever.  So check my blog and see what new foods we are whipping up for our family and I will share the recipes that pass my palate and the kids.  I hope this will help so many of you that are dealing with the new food allergy trends.  And by the way, Cory’s food allergies include:  wheat, glute, soy, eggs, lentils, green peas, peanuts, garlic and some dairy (we do use butter).  If you have a special recipe that you feel taste so close to the regular stuff, by all means share it with us so we can share it with everyone else!  Buon Appetito!!